Beginning of the 15th century. The territory of the King of Odisha, Purusottam Gajapati was extended to Midnapore and Hoogly. One of his sons, Pratap Rudra Gajapati got the right to rule the area of Garhbeta. He was known as Gajapati Sing. His two chief courtiers were Upendra Bhatta who was saintly and Rajadhar Roy who was very skill in his office. The then Emperor of Delhi was Mamud Shah. He conferred the title of 'king' on Gajapati. Gajapati Sing died in 1420 A.D. Before his death Gajapati divided his kingdom between his two sons. The eldest son Dhanapati resided in the capital of Garhbeta. The youngest son Ganapati founded separate kingdom in Goaltore. Dhanapati suddenly died in 1440 A.D. Hambir Sing, the only son of Dhanapati succeeded the throne. He was drunken and disorderly. He reigned for five years. He built a fort named Hambir Garh. Now it is Hoomgarh. When Hambir died in 1445 A.D. his son Raghunath was minor. Ganapati Sing of Goaltore built a fort at Nayabasat. Ganapati died without any issue. Hambir's son Ragunath Sing succeeded the entire kingdom of Bagri. The King's mother,Kalyan Kumari kept a check on the kingdom on behalf of minor Raghunath. In 1470 A.D. Raghunath became adult and took over the charge of the Kingdom. He was an ideal and wise king. He built a recreation hall,a hall for prayer in the mouza of Malibagicha,a temple named Raghunath Bari.He introduced Dole festival of Sri Krishna Rai Jew. He divided land into three categories and collected, of production as revenue. To the north in the border of Malla Kingdom he installed military camp in Agragram (at present Agra). He extended his territory to Chnadrakona. He had confrontation with the king of Maina. Bagri year started from 1481 A.D. Raghunath Sing was deeply shocked at the pre-mature death of his eldest son and this shock led him to death in 1540 A.D. After the death of Raghunath Sing his second son Chitra Sing became the king of Bagri. He was arrogant, proud, worthless and fond of luxury. He eloped a woman Tulshi by name and installed her in a palace built by him in a place to the South of Garhbeta. He used to go there every now and then. Gradually the place became populated. The present name of the place is Tulsi Chati. Oppression of Chitra Sing became unbearable to the subjects and they began to flee to the kingdom of the Malla King of Bishnupur. In 1548 A.D. the Malla King availabled himself of the chance and suddenly attacked the capital of Bogri. Chitra Sing was engaged in hilarity. Unprotected helpless king Chitra Sing committed suicide with his family jumping in the pond of the pleasure garden. Original king dynasty of Garhbeta ends here.


Garhbeta has a very rich history from ancient era. In the epic age the area of Garhbeta was called Bakadwip and its span was 450 sq. miles.In the era of Mahabharat this Bakadwip was under the jurisdiction of Bakasur.Its kingdom was Betrabati.Bhimsen killed Bakasur.Srikrishna came from Dwaraka to congratulate Bhim. In memory of this Yudhisthir set up an image of Krishna. At present the image of God Krishna Rai Jew in the village of Krishnanagar is that very image set up by Yudhisthir.Other opinions about the nomenclature of Grahbeta. A vast area was called Baghratati. Once Siharuddin Bugrasah, the son of Samaduddiin Firoj Sah, the ruler of Bengal occupied this area. The place is named Bagri after the name of Siharuddin Bugrasah. During the reign of King Vikramaditya a Yogi (Sage) came to the kingdom of Bagri.He was charmed to see the beauties of nature and in order to display his religious devotion, he built the temple of Sarbamangala. Hearing of the miraculous power of the goddess Sarbamangala. Then King Vikramaditya came to Garhbeta and devoted himself to meditation on the corpses (Sabsadhana).Being pleased with him the goddess Sarbamangala blessed him with the power to dominate over Tal Betal, so called supernatural figures. To prove the success of goddess\'s blessing showered upon him Vikramaditya ordered Tal Betal to turn the face of the temple from the south to the north. The order was instantly carried out. The name of the place was given Beta after the name of Betal.During the reign of Kumar Gupta in the Gupta Age his courtier Betra Barma founded this town. Probably Betra Barma built a fort for protection of the town. \'Fort\' is called \'Garh\' in Bengali. The king excavated a deep canal round the fort. There were four gates to four sides of the fort. They were Lal Gate to the north, Pesha Gate to the south, Rahut Gate to the east and Hanuman Gate to the West. Probably at first the town was named Betra Garh. In course of time the term Betra Garh had been changed into Garh Betra and then into Garhbeta.